Mama Luna postpartum care helps create a non-judgmental environment where you are supported, relaxed and well rested. Postpartum care decreases stress and worry so that you can enjoy your new baby. Postpartum care is sometimes referred to as “postpartum doula”, “night nanny” or “baby nurse.”

We offer both daytime and overnight hours. Daytime shifts typically range from 4-6 hours. Overnight shifts are typically 10pm-6am. During our free one-hour consultation, we will work with you to find the schedule that best suits your needs.


We customize our services to your family’s unique needs. We have experience with singletons, multiples, premies and special needs babies. Typical postpartum care can include:

  • Breast and bottle feeding support and instruction
  • Newborn Care and Instruction
  • Infant Soothing and Swaddling Skills
  • Sleep habits and routines
  • Light household cleaning and organizing
  • Nursery setup and organization
  • Running errands

Gift certificates are available!