Angela Callais

After the birth of her daughter in 2001, Angela began making a profession out of what had always been a passion – parents and babies! For over a decade, she has supported hundreds of families on their path through birth, postpartum and beyond.

Angela most enjoys helping families find their own voice on their path through birth and parenting. She’s intuitive, organized and can think five steps ahead to help you customize a routine that will help your life be more relaxed and joyful…..all while getting you a cup of tea and listening to your story.

Some of the professional hats that Angela has worn are: co-owner of Mama Luna Care, birth doula, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, childbirth educator, public speaker, former board member of the Childbirth Collective, teacher and mother! Angela also has a bachelor’s degree in Human Sexuality, and a masters degree in Clinical Social Work, focusing on gender, life transitions, sex and relationship therapy. You can find out about her work as a therapist at The Courageous Truth.

On the flip side, you can often find Angela bargain shopping for sparkly makeup, luxury kitchen gadgets or redecorating her house with her latest unique vintage find. Angela lives in south Minneapolis with her partner, daughter, step-son and cat.  

Autumn McDonald Cunningham

Autumn is a birth doula, postpartum doula and co-owner of Mama Luna Care. After the eye-opening birth of her son in 2000, Autumn felt called to seek ways to deepen the experience of birth and parenting.

Autumn began her journey by becoming a birth doula, working with private families as well as with the HCMC doula program. She was also fortunate to train under the author and creator of Birthing From Within, Pam England, and mentored hundreds of parents through her childbirth classes. During this time she saw the need of many new parents for more postpartum support, which lead her to become a postpartum doula.

Working closely with new families is where Autumn has found her true place. Whether it is working with babies with special needs, multiples, or simply families who need an extra set of hands or a good night's sleep, Autumn enjoys getting to know each family and their unique needs.

When Autumn is not burping babies she spends her time working on her other passion, Gaia Democratic Free School. Autumn is part of a group of women who started the only Democratic Free School in Minnesota. Autumn is Vice President of the school board as well as part time staff. 

In her little free time she loves to spend lazy summer days in the back yard of her south Minneapolis home with her two kids, Rainy and Luna.